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US Customer Deposit & Withdrawal Bank Fees

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018 09:18AM EST
Depositing USD into Your itBit Account
Your itBit trading account will be credited within one business day of receiving your funds to our bank account. Any delays in the bank wire will have an impact on when your itBit trading account is updated. itBit is not responsible for any additional bank charges, agent fees or FX charges you may incur by initiating a wire transfer.
USD Deposit  Fees Applicable 

Domestic Wire Transfer

$10 USD + agent fees (if any)

International Wire Transfer

$10 USD + agent fees (if any)

Withdrawing USD from Your itBit Account

Withdrawals can take up to 1-3 business days to be received. Once we have instructed our bank to initiate the transaction, itBit has no control of of the processing time. To expedite your processing time, please ensure your submitted bank details are correct. Any incorrect information will cause a delay or rejection of your withdrawal. The customer is responsible for any additional bank charges, agent fees or admin fees for erroneous instructions.
USD Withdrawal  Fees Applicable 

ACH (up to and including $3,000)


Domestic Wire Transfer (Exceeding $3,000)

$20 USD + agent fees (if any)

International Wire Transfer

$40 USD + agent fees (if any)

Depositing Bitcoin into Your itBit Account

For bitcoin deposits, we poll the blockchain every 5 minutes for new deposits. When 6 blockchain confirmations of the transaction are observed, your deposit will be reflected in your account. This typically occurs within 1 hour after you initiate the transfer. This time may vary based on the fee you attached to the transaction and bitcoin network conditions. You will be able to check the blockchain for your transaction on by searching for the itBit bitcoin address you sent to (these are unique per transaction to preserve your privacy). You should contact us if your bitcoin deposit is not reflected in your itBit account after 24 hours of being broadcast to the bitcoin network. itBit does not charge any fees for bitcoin deposits.

Withdrawing Bitcoin from Your itBit Account

Bitcoin withdrawals are broadcast to the blockchain 6 times daily. For more information on itBit's bitcoin withdrawal process, please visit here.


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